February 24, 2014

ROTEX P (PORTABLE)MTS has acquired new equipment for use in rehabilitating their patients.  This new product is called The Rotex P.  Specific areas that may be targeted and exercised are the LOWER BACK, HIPS, CORE, KNEES, ANKLES, SHOULDERS, ELBOWS, and WRISTS. It may be used for WARMUP AND RECOVERY, REHABILITATION, FUNCTIONAL TRAINING, and PERFORMANCE. 


 The many benefits of using the Rotex-P are:

  • Platform to bring major joints to a neutral position
  • Relieves most mechanical type hip and back pain
  • Increases power of the core 
  • Relaxes overactive muscles 
  • Increases hip Range of Motion 
  • Improves action of the hips and pelvis  
  • Increases stability of the ankles, knees, hips, spine, and shoulders  
  • Provides pre-exercise activation of all rotational muscles  
  • Provides recovery from exercise 
  • Increases strength of the shoulder 
  • Strengthens all the small muscles around the spine 

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