New Equipment and Treatments:
CORE STIX Functional Training Equipment

June 18, 2014

corestixexercisechartgraphics.jpgCore Stix

MTS is now introducing one the best functional training therapy devices on the market! Our new device can isolate and target problematic muscle areas, so that we can instantly see if patients are compensating. Core Stix allows us to make immediate changes in positioning or tension to maximize each patient's exercise potential. This is such a valuable tool in a rehabilitation setting, and not often an option when using more stationary machines. Our patients and therapists love the versatility of Core Stix for balance, strengthening and functional exercises for clients with different disorders. Its uniqueness provides both a point of stability and challenge postural control at the same time,which is currently crucial for this population. We have used it on a wide variety of patients from low-level post-surgical patients to high-level athletes, in which each was challenged effectively based upon their individualized needs. Our clinic highly recommends Core Stix to anyone wanting a safe, efficient, compact and highly effective way to engage not only the core muscles, but all major muscle groups as well!

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